CSEI - Centrul Scolar pentru Educatie Incluziva SPERANTA Zalau

School Center for Inclusive Education

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We model ABILITY, we promote DIVERSITY!
Dear READER, thank you for stopping by, you’ve reached Scholar Center for Inclusive Education “Hope” Zalau site.
Maybe you are a parent of a special child, or a professional in the field, or a regular person looking for information, we welcome you with hope and enthusiasm in this shared knowledge propensity page.
We are willing to offer a favorable exchange of experience and information context, to promote our school activities, and strengthen family- school partnership, so TOGETHER, learning from each other to fulfill the needs of special children we nurture.
Every opinion, every emotion expressed, and every shared information matters to us, brings an extra value,  leading us to an efficient learning process. So, once again, we invite you to be an active part for a tolerant, friendly, and inclusive community.
Until then, being our special guest in this diversity world, we advise you to explore with curiosity this educational site, written is a familiar language, and to “borrow” what you think is useful for you as a parent, professional, or as a HUMAN BEING!
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